Our Range of Horse Floats

Our Flag Ship Our statesman series are the market leading quality floats that come in straight load, angle load and are also fit for a couple of big warmbloods.Fully equipped they are like a second home and will make you the envy of everyone wherever you take it.

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The perfect weekender Our 5 Star Angle Series are perfect for all types of horse with Adjustable Dividers and 2.5 metres long bays. The Angle series is the safest way to float those special animals for both horse and rider.In Our 5 Star Angle series you can float 2-3-4 Horse Perfectly for both Horse And Rider

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Additional height and style Angle Weekender has a amazing spec for those who like to stay over with their horses and swing out tack /side lockable rug rack/caravan door /font kitchenette /240 Appliances’ /240 power/the list goes on and on

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Additional height and style Straight Load floats are designed for those riders who prefer to travel straight not angled they come standard with side breach bars for (Anti Scrambling) 2 PA Doors and Loads of extras can accommodate horses of all sizes.

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Additional height and style Specially designed for warmbloods, this range combines the quality and strength of our angle loads with additional height to 8″2′ and bays to 9″.You can comfortably board three big warmbloods within the fully adjustable dividers.

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